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About me


Hello! My name is Carolina Parada and I am the human behind Carosurreal. I was born in the mountains of South America and now I am based in beautiful Paris. I am a scientific researcher who studies how shapes and patterns are established in nature. Besides my scientific work, I have been drawing a lot for the past seven years. I am a deep admirer of surrealist artists and when I started drawing and painting I thought that was the style I was going to follow, hence my nickname -- which, by the way, I find a bit silly now. However, I realized that besides depicting reality in an unconventional way, I also needed to illustrate cuteness and tell - not extremely serious - stories. That's when I knew that I would invest most of my energy in drawing for kids. Children's illustration has it all! 

In the past years I've had the chance to collaborate with ONGs (TECHO, Cup of Color, Andean Carnivore), music bands (Terrenoire, Bajo Cielo), and Art supplies companies (Arteza, Huion tablet, Repaper tablet by iskn). 

I am also very happy to announce here that my first solo book (I wrote the story and made the illustrations) will come out at the beginning of 2023!

So here I am ready to draw the next little animal.

Please do not reproduce or display, digitally or otherwise, any imagery or text without prior written permission.

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